Structure your marketing agreement for a particular project if that`s all you need. For example, you may only have to hire an external consultant to write your business promotion and marketing plan or to launch a social media campaign. Project-specific marketing agreements should include the same elements as a general marketing contract and include the agreed price, a conclusion schedule and project details. According to sharron Senter, a marketing consultant in Boston, most marketing advisors accept price negotiations as a normal part of the process before concluding a signed agreement. Marketing success is difficult to measure because you often don`t know who`s reacting to a particular ad or campaign. You must include a baseline on which you measure the productivity of the marketing advisor at the end of the contract. They may also include periodic audits of the project that deal with total sales figures at different times during the agreement period. Base your decision to renew the contract, based on pre-defined sales figures from the past or industry averages. If your sales have increased during the marketing contract or have exceeded the industry standard, you can conclude that the campaign was effective. In addition to increasing revenue and corporate or brand recognition, you should include references in the contract for other baselines that you keep in mind when reviewing the consultant`s progress.

This may involve greater satisfaction and involvement of staff in marketing efforts, which can be measured by surveys and customer evaluation programs. While this is not necessary, here are some important areas to consider when drafting your marketing agreement to help identify results. Unlike other types of commercial contracts, a marketing agreement is not a contract with a clearly defined structure that must be followed. There are elements that will exist in most agreements, but there is not a single defined structure that all companies use. Do some metrics need to improve to measure success? Do you expect some increase in sales volume, search traffic or a similar sector in which the marketing consultant has to move the needle? Insert a discussion on this topic, including all regular check-ins, and perhaps mention where your numbers are to create a baseline.