Briton BB, Billing A, Thomas D. Joint Strategic Needs Analysis; Sexual Health Summary of Needs Analysis. Bristol City Council 2016. (March 29, 2019, date of last access). A city-wide 3-hour scale from an ECMWF CAMS (NOX) satellite model Geolocated information domains and exposure types related to or likely to be analyzed with ALSPAC data are generally not provided; On the contrary, the very large first digits of postal codes are unblocked or the information that results from them (for example. B budget quintile of multiple deprivation indices at the time of data completion). However, we recognize that there are times when this information is important for the transfer of variables, for example. B for space research projects. Under these conditions, we will work with the researcher to create his derived variables, either perform the work in-house or use a modified version of the «Split Stage» protocol as follows: ALSPAC welcomes proposals to collect new data, including environmental data. New data collection strategies may use potentially innovative methods and quantitative and qualitative approaches (e.g. B questionnaire, study evaluation clinics, biological samples, personal interviews) and could include link to routine records or sensor link. If you are considering new data collection activities, please contact ALSPAC Executive by email [].

We are very grateful to all the families who participated in ALSPAC, the midwives for their recruitment assistance and the entire ALSPAC team, which includes interviewers, computer and laboratory technicians, office workers, scientists, volunteers, managers, receptionists and nurses. In particular, we would like to thank the members of ALSPAC OCAP for their contribution to the development of the AlsPAC governance mechanism for the processing of site-based data. Results: Regardless of the scenario presented, there was a consensus on the importance of this type of research, especially when the potential for improving public health was clear. Searching with personal location data was perceived as different from other searches, but as part of the study. Several participants mentioned that the data already collected should be used to the best of their ability. Many of the concerns raised could be addressed by standard safeguards for other types of ALSPAC data: for example. B the award of data-sharing contracts, the application of sanctions in the event of misuse and the encryption of data. There was some discussion about returning the results to the participants. Here, too, the issues were resolved by clarifying AlsPAC`s standard procedures; Participants would not expect a personal return of the results and the benefits would be felt by the wider society.. .