David Frost, the UK`s chief negotiator, told reporters on Saturday that the agreement was «one of the largest and most comprehensive agreements that has ever been included in trade in goods, but also for services, aviation, road transport, social security, health cooperation and repression.» EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier (C) holds the 2,000 pages at a special session of the Coreper alongside Greek (R) representatives to present the details of the Brexit trade deal on 25 December 2020 in Brussels, Belgium. [Pool/EPA/EFE] In the preface to the text published by the British government, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the agreement had been «carefully evaluated to benefit all» and that it should «preserve free trade for millions of people in the UK and throughout Europe.» The agreement still needs to be approved by the 27 EU countries, the UK and the European parliaments. EU ambassadors would review the agreement after a meeting of the Committee of Standing Representatives of Member State Governments (Coreper) on 25 December. Michel Barnier, a member of the European UNION, said: «The result of many months of intense and committed work,» tweeted EU member Michel Barnier. In Brussels, the European Commission proposed to implement the agreement on an interim basis until 28 February. The British government published the text shortly afterwards on its website. The United Kingdom and the Commission have both published additional texts on economic cooperation on security and nuclear cooperation. One includes joint statements in areas such as financial services. The Trade and Cooperation Agreement covers a number of areas that are in the EU`s interest. It goes far beyond traditional free trade agreements and provides a solid basis for maintaining our long-standing friendship and cooperation. It guarantees the integrity of the internal market and the indivisibility of the four freedoms (people, goods, services and capital). It reflects the fact that the UK is leaving the ecosystem of common rules, monitoring and enforcement mechanisms in the EU and therefore no longer being able to enjoy the benefits of EU membership or the single market.

However, the agreement will not match the UK`s main advantages as an EU member state. LONDON – The European Commission on Saturday morning published the full text of the UK-EU trade agreement. The European Commission has adopted the full text of the 1256-page agreement between the GOVERNMENT of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the European Atomic Energy Community for cooperation on the safe and peaceful use of nuclear energy and the conclusion by the European Commission, on behalf of the European Atomic Energy Community, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community, on the one hand, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, on the other hand, Appendix 1 of the Council`s decision recommendation approving the conclusion of the agreement by the European Commission. The withdrawal agreement is maintained and protects, among other things, the rights of EU citizens and British nationals, the financial interests of the EU and, above all, peace and stability on the island of Ireland. The full and timely implementation of this agreement was one of the European Union`s top priorities. Through intense discussions between the EU and the UK in the Joint Committee and the various specialised committees, the withdrawal agreement – in particular the Ireland and Northern Ireland Protocol – will be implemented on 1 January.