The license is a contract between you and someone, and a contract can be void if the rules are against the law. I can`t use content (as defined by Video Copilot at the beginning of the license). That`s right, it makes sense. And how cool is it to see A. Kramer on videohive forums? I came to The AE Affair of him and through his tutorials. Buying its new plugin is the least I can do (hey quick question don`t know if it`s the right place, with hardware licensing software, it`s a pita when I refresh/buy a new Mobo/clone of my hard drive/anything), as long as I only use a few activations every two years, I`m good, to reautorize the activation? No Doru. VC and any other company or author has the final say on the use of their products (plugins, software, images, videos, music), not envato. .